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ANOTHER major update! (10/24/01)
PhatMase has officially changed his name to Defy. You can download one of the tracks from his EP here. Also, download Criminal Records desktop wallpaper here. The artists pages are under construction and hopefully will be totally updated with bio's and more... Check out Gonna Meet A Rap Star and have a chance to meet MC Squeege and many other artists. And if you haven't already voted on a new website address, please vote.

New mp3's added (10/15/01)
New mp3's from MC Squeege, Klutch and Pimp-T have been added to the mp3's section. Also, the quality of 'Jerky Shity' by Bassmint (Tech Thai) has been improved. check out those new tracks.

New DJ, possible new website address and more (09/15/01)
A new DJ from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has been added to the Criminal Crew. He will be releasing a track for the 'Capital Punishment' compilation album and may also be doing an album. The name of the DJ will be released when everything is confirmed...stay tuned. Also, Criminal Records is looking to possible change address of the website. Make sure you vote. In the next few weeks, Criminal Records may be adding more talent and also releasing some...more details to come.

'WhatEver' vinyl (10/06/01)
MC Squeege's album 'WhatEver' is being pressed on vinyl. A few copies may be released in the future...stay tuned.

MAJOR UPDATE (10/02/01)
K-Flow's album will NOT be released under Criminal Records. The name of the LP has also been changed.
PhatMase's full-length album is almost completed, but is still un-named.
The links to Street Fame Records,, and K-Flow's website have all be added to the links section.
A new track has been added to the mp3's section. The track is entitles 'What The !@##$' by Klutch a.k.a. Trademark. Be sure to download it.
The Crhyme Playz section has been added for those who need recording, distribution or production/mastering.
Capital Punishment compilation album is almost completed. There's only 1 track left to record. Artists will include: Tech Thai, K-Flow, MC Squeege, Calypso, PhatMase, Klutch, D-Raynged, Pimp-T, Moonlit Groove, Cansir, and Busted Flow.
Also, Freestyle Karaoke - Breaktape Volume One has been re-mastered will new beats and will be re-released within the next few weeks.
We're also working on having another hip-hop venue in the near future. More details to come.
Tech Thai has also been working on his LP and will hopefully be recording it withing the next few weeks.
More updates coming SOON...stay tuned.

Jail Break (08/27/01)
Jail Break hip-hop show finally went down. Pimp-T, Moonlit Groove (Tech Thai and Calypso), Classified, along with Jay Bizzy, J-Bru, Bonshah and Spesh-ill-k all performed. A review of the show will be coming soon.

Criminal Insanity splits (08/23/01)
Criminal Insanity (D-Raynged & Hoztyle) have officially split, however, D-Raynged will continue doing solo project with Criminal Records.

JAIL BREAK!! (07/27/01)
'Jail Break' hip-hop show is once again re-scheduled. The new date is SATURDAY, AUGUST 25th. The hip-hop show is confirmed, so buy tickets IN ADVANCE. Classified is still scheduled to perform along with all of the other artists...BE THERE!

Criminal Clothing update (07/27/01)
Criminal Clothing Co. has already begun...stay tuned! Criminal Clothing, such as t-shirts, fitted hats, hoodies, and other clothing/accessories will be available to order online soon. The website will also be up and running soon...

'Feature Presentation' (07/27/01)
K-Flow's LP will be called 'Feature Presentation'. He will be performing tracks from the album at the 'Jail Break' hip-hop venue...

Tech Thai performing & new albums (07/14/01)
Tech Thai will be performing in Banff, Alberta mid-August. Also, the long-awaited 'Bassmint' album will be compiled and released a few weeks later along with a 'Nickles & Dhymes' album.

'Technology' update (07/07/01)
Tech Thai has finished recording the first single 'Technology' from his upcoming LP. The track will also be available on the 'Capital Punishment' compilation album, which is scheduled to be released on July 28th.

New links (07/07/01)
Check out Klutch's crew at and RevoL's new site at Also check out to see the covers of 'Freestyle Karaoke' and MC Squeege's 'The WhatEver EP'.

RevoL's EP (06/07/01)
The title of RevoL's EP will be 'Bad News'. It will contain 6 tracks and 2 skits. It is in the process of being completed. More updates on this album will be available later.

'Night Talez' (30/06/01)
D-Raynged from Criminal Insanity has finished his solo EP entitled 'Night Talez'. It will be available online and in stores soon!

'Jail Break' hip-hop venue (30/06/01)
Criminal Records' hip-hop venue is officially re-scheduled to SATURDAY, JULY 28th! Buy tickets in advance for $10 at Back Alley Discs (100 Kent Street). MC Klutch from Windsor, Ontario will be making an appearance if enough tickets sell, so buy yours in advance! Classified is confirmed for the show and local emcees Tech Thai, K-Flow & MC Squeege (Busted Flow) and DJ Calypso will all be performing. The show will be held at the Basilica Recreation Center (200 Richmond Street) and doors open at 8:30 pm. Be there!

'Night Talez' (30/06/01)
D-Raynged from Criminal Insanity has finished his solo EP entitled 'Night Talez'. It will be available online and in stores soon!

'Jail Break' update (27/06/01)
The new date for 'Jail Break' is still undecided, but keep checking back for the new date. It will be decided by the end of the week.

'Jail Break' postponed (25/06/01)
'Jail Break' hip-hop show will be postponed until possibly July 26th. More details still to come within the next week. Stay tuned...right now it looks as if Pimp-T and Klutch will be appearing at the July 26th venue along with all of the regularly scheduled artists with the possible exception of Classified. More details about Classified will be available soon. Ticket holders can use their ticket for the July 26th venue or refund their ticket. Check back for updates.

'The Demo EP' now out (23/06/01)
PhatMase has completed his 8 track EP entitled 'The Demo EP'. It will be hitting stores soon! order it online!

PhatMase signs with Criminal Records (19/06/01)
Victoria, BC's rapper Phat Mase recently signed to join the Criminal Records crew. He will be dropping 3 tracks on 'Capital Punishment' (tha Criminal Records compilation album) and will release an EP in the near future...stay tuned for more details.

'WhatEver' & Busted Flow (19/06/01)
MC Squeege's solo album 'WhatEver' is now out! Order it online or pick up a copy available in stores across the Island starting next week. E-mail for more details. Also, MC Squeege & K-Flow also known as Busted Flow will most likely be recording an EP...stay tuned for more details on that project.

"Jail Break" update (15/06/01)
"Jail Break" hip-hop party is confirmed for Friday June 29th. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at door and can be purchased at Back Alley Discs (100 Kent Street). Criminal Records artists include Tech Thai with DJ Calypso to form Moonlit Groove, MC Squeege & K-Flow known collectively as Busted Flow, and Klutch from Windsor, Ontario. Halifax's Classified will be performing also to promote his new album "Union Dues". The doors open at 8:30 PM and the show starts at 9 there!

Criminal Records presents "Jail Break" (15/06/01)
Criminal Records is putting on a hip-hop show on June 30th. Local artists include MC's Tech Thai, K-Flow and MC Squeege along with DJ Calypso. Criminal Records' MC Klutch is coming from Windsor, Ontario, and Halifax's MC's Classified OR Buck 65 could be making an appearance. More details to come...stay tuned!

Technology (10/06/01)
A Street Version of Tech Thai's first single, "Technology" can be downloaded here. check it out!

WhatEver (10/06/01)
MC Squeege's 10 track EP entitled 'The WhatEver EP' is finished and only needs to be will be hitting stores June 2001.

Criminal Records compilation album (10/06/01)
'Capital Punishment' is the title of Criminal Records' compilation album which will be available Spring 2001. It contains tracks from all Criminal Records' MC's and special bonus beats from the Lab Ratz and DJ Calypso. A sample track from MC Squeege entitled "This Or That", which will be featured on the compilation album and 'The WhatEver EP', is available for download here.