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Growing up, RevoL was very musically inclined. His love for music and poetic writing,
took over as he begane his career as a rapper. Although his image is of a "Bad Guy"
rapper, He has a very unoticed side as heard in songs "From The Grave", "Castle" by
Debbie F feat. RevoL... among these songs you get a side of this artist that is very
meaningful. It has been said that RevoL is a mix of Tupac & Eminem with traces of poetry;
very strong and emotionally charged. Although certain songs seem to be urges of hate and
anger, they are all truthful and emotional. Throughout his life RevoL has grown up
listening to many different types of music, however he took the path with hip-hop. As if
it is in his blood this artist makes it flow through his vains, at the age of 20 (May
4th, 2001) he is already becoming a name in the industry. With support of Criminal
Records, this artist is predicted to be a big hit in the future. A fan base of
underground hip-hop already is on the side of this artist, When asked about the future of
the artist he replied "I'll grow with the industry, but I will be the next big name...
and if you don't believe it, I'll prove you wrong."

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for this artist, because big thing's are
predicted. The LP in which he is currently writing for will be a tremendous compilation
of anger, emotion and real life type songs. It is predicted he will go #1 on the charts
and his loud spoken ways will be heard.