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written by Pimp-T

Now no one said that pimpin is easy,
And some might say that I'm a lil' bit sleazy,
But it's a fact
That I've got my ladies back,
Cause I'm always on the scene
Treatin' her like a queen.

I never ever fight,
Cause I treat my clients right
Just tryin' to take a bite,
Out of crime, Aight!

Now try to understand,
My ladies, they need a man,
Who lets them know, that they're more,
Than the sexuality they do explore.

And ever so casually,
I exert my personality,
Over each and every lady,
And they know that I'm not shady.

Some say I'm too nice,
And that I'll sacrifice,
To ensure,
That my ladies, they feel pure

Now I give to you, my personal guarantee,
That for an eternity,
I'll continue to dance and sing,
Cause I'm lovin this pimpin thing!
Cause I'm lovin this pimpin thing!
Cause I'm lovin this pimpin thing!

Hey Pimp-T,
You make me feel so sexy.
Come play with me,
And don't worry bout no money.

Surrounded by pretty ladies,
Without aim to make babies.
Got me feelin like a pimp,
Hangin kinda limp.
Just tryin to set the example,
Of no free samples!

They call me the lady pleaser,
Nothin' sweeter,
Then my lady's smile,
Her sexy profile
Bringing out my inner child
Rendering us a lil wild.

Out on the night,
What a beautiful sight,
When I did take flight
Into the candlelight,
Until out of spite,

My ex
Did connect
With a blow
To my afterglow.
And how was I to know
I was sleeping with the po po.

Made me realize,
That with this enterprise,
I cannot commit
To a serious relationship

Now I bring before us,
The chorus:

While you be leavin' the ladies yawnin'
I goes on & on & on & on in
While children you be spawnin'
I goes on & on & on & on in

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