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written by Pimp-T

The night,
Pitch black,
Sitting back,
Trying to rewind,
Thinking bout the time,
When at the age of nine,
Accused of a petty crime.
A petty crime.

My soul stained like the glass
Of the church I did pass.
Made me realize
Through these tear filled eyes,
Not everything is just,
And no longer could I trust
While others lust,
For the ticket to the bus,
To take them far
From who they truly are...

Dad telling me not to cry,
Cause making me look like I'm telling a lie,
Could not understand,
How he could pretend,
That it was no big deal.
Meanwhile I did feel,
Like it was the end of the earth,
And I no longer had any worth.
Of course I was innocent,
But no judge & jury like with the president.

(upbeat pause)

A pack of gum,
To some,
Seems awful petty,
But this guy thick like alphagetti.

Blind in his stare,
But without a care.
Wrongfully accused,
Innocence bruised,
As this jerk
An insolent clerk,
Did refuse
To peruse
Fully his senses
Before his sentences
Plagued me with the shame
Of defending his blame.

Almost as if he be playin,
Cause he be sayin..
"Where the stash at?
I know you have it.
Ain't got no class,
So pay the cash."

And all the while,
Him with a funny smile,
As if he had been drinking,
Meanwhile I'm thinking...

chorus <2x>:
Cause who you are,
Ain't who I am,
Be it a fancy car,
Or a trusty Grand Am,
So just live your life,
Free from petty strife,
Don't try to be like others,
Or your karma it smothers.

Now that I'm a rap fiend,
A nickel less a penny past the age of 17.
And if you can't figure that makes me 21.
The whole situation, got me feelin kinda dumb.
The clerk simply did not want jeopardize,
The security & reputation of his enterprise.
But this, I did not realize,
And hmmm, a compromise,
I would have made had I paid.
But a shade would have laid,
Over my mind, eternal for time,
Painful like needles from a tree made of Pine.
Making it hard to believe and to relieve
The pain that remained all this time,
Of being accused of a petty crime.
Being accused of a petty crime.

chorus <2x>
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