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written by Troy Neilson

(intro chorus)
I'm learnin O.O.P,
But not in C.
I'm learnin O.O.P,
But not in C.
I'm learnin O.O.P.,
In this faculty.

(verse 1)
Got an assignment to do,
Tryin to avoid the crew,
Cause we never get any work done,
Cause we're havin so much fun,
Like the rabbit exe,
And the monkey mini movie.
So I seek out the secret lab,
Discover they've replaced the keypad,
With an ID card swipe,
Takes a few times to get it right,
This technique I do rehearse,
I gain access as the magnets reverse,
I sit down, try to logon,
Two time, I get my password wrong.
Third time, I finally get in,
Checkin my email, so gotta enter my PIN.
Openin netscape, but everytime it doth crash,
So I decide to check the cache.
Oh please say it ain't so!
Someone was lookin' at some P - oh No!
I quickly dispose of the evidence,
Guy beside me looking suspicious,
So I decide to leave,
Before he emails CSD.
Guy at the door pullin with all his force,
Must have just gained access via his course,
Cause he's a complete idiot,
There's a reason the big red button that says exit,
You gotta press it!

(chorus 2X)
Can I Get a CS,
For all of my hackers and faculty members,
In this building,
Known as Gillin.

Can I get a Woo Woo,
For The few brave ladies who chose to,
Enter CS,
Cause you we do bless!

(verse 2)
What's that bar,
The one that stretches real far,
The one that gives you spaces,
Sort of forward erases,
Unless insert is on.
Oh yeah! space bar,
Remember I, with a yawn,
At the break of dawn,
Assignment nearly complete,
But specifications I don't meet,
So searchin' cyberspace,
Tryin to replace,
My own recursion,
With a faster version.

It's the S to the R,
The J to the K,
Perpetratin' flip flops
Throughout this hip hop.

Now I present Jane Fritz,
Kinda like a Ritz,
Not sayin she's a cracker,
Just a top of the line instructor,
Yet she lacks sour cream,
But remains Dean la supreme.

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