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LYRICS TO 'Bump-N-Grind Fiend'
written by Pimp-T

Start off by quenching the ladies' thirst,
Hittin you up wit this Spanish verse:

Hey sexy mamacita,
Tu eres muy linda.
Y calientita...
Will you be my mamacita?
Hey sexy mamacita,
Tu eres muy linda.
Y calientita
Will you be my mamacita?

Hittin you up wit a dance attack,
Makin up for my last slow track.
Goin' out to all the babies with back,
The ones that love to make eye contact,
Straight up tellin' you the beat'll be jacked.
So the get up & get down'll be phat.
Straight up tellin' you the beat'll be jacked.
So the get up & get down'll be phat.
So don't simply sit back,
And don't try to relax.
Hittin you up wit these lyrical facts,
To get it done
you don't have to be macks,
It's so much fun,
when you're feelin new wax.
Or when you explore,
A packed of dance floor,
To get your groove on,
Or put your move on,
It doesn't matter,
Ain't no chitter, no chatter.
Just don't try to flatter,
Another guy's chick,
Act a batter,
Strike out upon your first pick.

I'm the antithesis of choreography,
Every single move comes naturally
And my groovy style be drivin the ladies horny,
While conventional methods of dancin' bore me.

Moving on,
Eyes spot that bomb,
The one...
makin you explode,
The one...
You swear you rode.
Who's body motion,
Similar to exotic lotion.
Instantly in my mind,
Time to get on your grind,
Fantasies of us intertwined,
Hand sliding down on her behind
Wantin' to palm it like a b-ball,
And spike it like a v-ball,
Makin her purr,
She ain't danced with this caliber.
Cause I'm a lean mean,
Dancing machine.
Who I be?
Yeah that's me
Tha lean mean,
Bump-n-Grind fiend.

My dance,
Be makin the ladies advance,
In a state
Equivalent to a trance.
Is it chance,
That they want in my pants?
Heck naw,
Amazed by what they saw.
But can you blame em'?
My moves abide no law,
Ain't no shapin'...
A rhythmed soul without a flaw,
So if you're fine,
But kinda shy.
Missin' good times,
If dancin' you deny.
Makin' good times,
If you give me a try.
Cause it's all good,
Have me dubbed "rubbin' hood".

So pass me tha crown,
It's time to break it down

(dance interlude)

Sippin bacardi,
At the after-party,
Your shorty I do dip,
Ain't hearin' no lip,
Cause yall be trustin me,
Ain't no lustin' me,
Cause I be drivin' her wild,
Wit my dancin' style.
And inevitably,
I'll get her to thee,
In a state so horny,
That at that point,
You I'll anoint,
As guardian of her pleasure,
I just do it for the leisure,

And for all the French ladies,
Who don't wanna make babies,
J'aimerai si en été,
Ca pourrai être juste moi & toi
Et que tu me laiseras t'achetez,
Quelque chose a boire,
Et puis moi je dirai,
Voulez-vous dancez avec moi,
en dehors
tout le soir?
Ca commencais,
En mai,
My senses fed,
With delight.
Every night,
A different girl in check,
Who I be?
Yeah that's me...
The pimp of the discotheque.
The pimp of the discotheque.

Got it goin' on...
Til the break of dawn...

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