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In a game being hurt by shout outs, over-confidant rants and lyrics without a theme, Pimp-T brings no shame to the hip hop game. It's his love of hip hop and unique ability to mold his entire persona to a groove that puts potency in Pimp-T's act.

Hailing from Fredericton, NB, Pimp-T brings a superior intellect to his lyrics. His ability to rhyme and flow fluid with a beat, while perpetrating verses of a common theme maintains the listener's attention. But this is true of many rappers...

What makes Pimp-T unique, is his rare ability to captivate and seize a crowd. Fans literally come for the show. "When Pimp-T climbs on stage... it's like mixing vinegar and baking soda - boom!!... an explosion." Offstage Pimp-T is shy, humble and nonchalant. But with a mic in hand and clad in vintage seventies apparel, Pimp-T is guaranteed to 'bust a move.' In fact, it's his fresh, non-choreographed, dancing style that leave both himself and his fans breathless.

Pimp-T got off the ground in grade eleven, when a chemistry bonus project turned into a full-fledged track. "Ice Ice Water," a parody of Vanilla Ice's, "Ice Ice Baby," was composed of entirely chemistry-based lyrics. Despite its very low quality recording, "Ice Ice Water" received radio play on CFHS & CHSR.

On January 1st, 2000, Pimp-T was born when he performed with a very successful local funk band named Kungfunkshun. Pimp-T acted as a 'fly dancer' and performed "Ice Ice Water" in front of nearly 1500 people! Subsequent interest by another local band, So We Will Wait For You, led to another successful Pimp-T performance.

In April, Pimp-T finished composing "Can I Get A CS." This previously unreleased track debuted live at his faculty's award ceremony on September 27, 2000. The beat is from Jay-z's "Can I Get A."
The unexpectedly successful, "Tha Pimp-T Theme," came about as part of a project for a multimedia course at UNB in summer of 2000. Centered around the beat from Ol Dirty Bastard's "Got Your Money," and coupled with guitar, fresh-yet-funny lyrics and a catchy chorus, the track blew up. The full version of the track has not yet been released. As well, the video snippet for "Tha Pimp-T Theme" far exceeded anyone's expectations. It was downloaded over 1100 times internationally in its first month from the official Pimp-T webpage: and was nominated for best hip hop recording at the 2000 Canadian Urban Music Association Awards.

Currently, Pimp-T is looking to capitalize on his growing international recognition. Previously, Pimp-T had only used beats borrowed from other prominent artists. Now Pimp-T is facing a true test of his worth as an emcee: He must please his fans with his own original beats. He has currently completed two such tracks: "Ice Ice Water (C Shock remix)" and the infectious, 'Petty Crime.'

Pimp-T's latest appearance occurred at Hell-O-Ween 2000 at the City Club in Fredericton. He performed with a local up and coming alternative band, Totem. The party was a good time for all! Check out the review as appeared in the university newspaper:

Pimp-T is a 21-year old University of New Brunswick (UNB) student. He is also a staff writer for the Brunswickan and is in charge of all hip hop album reviews. He has chilled with & interviewed Choclair, Mastermind, & The Rascalz.

Official Pimp-T website:

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